The iHelp Cloud Platform

Helping Dealers Manage Their Business

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The iHelp Cloud is our full-service, proprietary, web-based, account management portal. It provides all the necessary tools to help dealers manage their iHelp+™ user accounts. It is designed to be a simple instrument for dealers to maintain direct control of their customers’ devices, cellular network, and monitoring functions.

Manage Individual Devices: Activate a unit, deactivate a unit, reconfigure a unit, and turn on/off various functions including Geo-Fencing and Fall Detection.

Activation/Deactivation Bulk Function: Activate and/or deactivate units one-by-one or in bulk.

Manage Customer Base: Reassign devices to new customers, replace devices, and update customer and contact information.

Check Device Status Functions: Check the battery status and signal strength of individual devices at any time.

Check Airtime Usage: Check airtime usage minutes for the day, week, month, or year.

Order Fulfillment: Place orders for more units and/or accessories. Orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.

Access to Marketing Materials: Access to a variety of templates, free copy, and artwork for promotional purposes. Marketing personnel are available to assist with custom designs if necessary.

The iHelp Cloud, used concurrently with the iHelp+™, gives the dealer the opportunity to keep their business functions in-house and manage them with ease.


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