The iHelp Lone Worker Program – Protect your workers 24/7

The iHelp lone worker program features a multi-function button for check-in and SOS alerts, ensuring employees can get help in the event their health or safety is at risk. This small, lightweight device is waterproof and durable enough for use indoors or outdoors.

Devices can be customized to the needs of your organization.

Features and functions include:


Two-Way Voice

Voice connection to and operator or when an SOS or fall is detected (and optionally missed check-in)

One-Button Operation

One button to check-in or declare an SOS (monitored 24/7)


IPX7: up to 3.3 ft for 30 min

GPS Location

Location reporting within 65 ft

Rechargeable Battery

72 hours battery life, based on reporting location every 4 hours


SOS Alerting

With 24/7 monitoring service

Fall Detection

With three sensitivity settings and built-in cancellation timer to prevent false alarms


Easy Check-In

With user-controlled start/stop of predefined check-in schedule


Audible Alerts (can be disabled)

For SOS, check-in, fall-detection, low battery, and cell signal status

Protected Phone Number

Only designated parties can call your protected number